24Option Robot App24Option is a CFD/Forex broker that is licensed and regulated by the European CySEC, license number 207/13.

Investors at 24Option have access to trading signals inside the trading system, see here. The signals are generated by a third party company based on various algorithms. Start trading at http://24option.com.

The real difference between trading signals and an automated trading robot is the decision maker.

When using trading signals, it is the trader who still must determine which trade idea to act upon. With a robot, the software automatically places a trade for each new trade alert.

Automated Trading Robots

There are now hundreds of automated trading robots available for traders. Choosing the right binary options trading robot is the tricky part.

The Best Robots for Binary Options

Binary Options Robot Logo

Binary Options Robot is a web based system that real traders use because of the ability to customize it to their specific trading needs.

The trader controls which assets to trade, the risk level of the signals and size of the trade.

Try it out at: http://BinaryOptionsRobot.com


Binary Robot 365 (read review) is fast becoming a the most popular binary trading robot for 2017. What sets this trading robot apart from the other ones available in the market is its customization ability.

It offers 6 types of trading algorithms, 3 types of money management, and a choice of currency pairs to trade. Binary Robot 265 is now integrated with 5 licensed brokers, and they are adding more brokers each month.

Try the demo at: BinaryRobot365.com.

Option Robot Pro Signals

Option Robot Pro (read review) is a NEW binary options robot that was released in June 2017. It is nice because you can pick your broker, and there are 6 options to configure for risk management.

Try it for free at: OptionRobotPro.com.

Binary Robot Plus

Binary Robot Plus is the most advanced technology you will find in an automated trading software. It is a web based system that real traders use, because of the ability to customize it to their specific trading needs.

You control which assets to trade, the risk level of the signals and size of the trade. Choose from a variety of brokers including the popular 24Option broker.

See more at: http://BinaryRobotPlus.com


OptionRobot Logo

OptionRobot is the original automated trading robot, read full review. You have a nice variety to options to set for the bot.

You choose which licensed broker you want to use, and easily setup the robot based on various trading signals. They work with brokers like 24option, BDSwiss, BinaryCM, and more…

Learn more at: http://OptionRobot.com.

Serious Traders Read This!

Many scam companies have created fake software to lure traders into their brokerage firm. Recently, a company calling themselves CFD Society was promising people $60,000 profits with No Risk!

We have investigated a bunch of automated binary option robots and found that many of them are simply “random number generators“.

A random number generator is a computer program that is basically flipping a coin. Heads equals buy and Tails equals sell.

If you really want to start trading binary options, then go look at the best online brokers, and try out two of the brokers listed there.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing your complaints posted in the binary options forum.